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Mike Castrucci
Dealer Principal

I have been in the car business since I was 13. Like many sons and daughters of automobile dealers, I started in the car business as a lot tech and service porter when I was very young. I believe I was 13 when I received my first paycheck from my dad's AMC-Jeep-Eagle dealership.

 I officially started my career in the car business in March of 1991, once I finished college. I originally wanted to be a veterinarian, all growing up that was my dream. I received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Xavier University and planned to attend veterinarian school with my undergraduate degree being completed. My grades, however, were not good enough and I was not admitted into vet school. So, there I was with a bachelor degree in Biology and my dad says to me: "…Just work for me this summer and sell cars". Somewhat begrudgingly, I honored his request and of course the rest is history.

What I love about my job is the competition, I love the thrill of the sale, the recognition of our manufacturer as being a Top Performer and I love succeeding!

My family is so important to me, it is the one thing that is more important than my business and the car business is not even a close second to them! Family comes first and I say that with great delight. My wife and I have three wonderful daughters. Seeing them grow up has been one of my greatest joys in life!! Some of my hobbies I enjoy doing are hunting and fishing, I love the sport! I think the thrill of the chase in both hunting and fishing is somehow connected to my passion for the car business; there are a number of similarities between them!


New Cars

Robert Williams
General Sales Manager

Sean Egan
New Car Sales Manager

Bobby Castrucci
New Car Sales Manager

Jim Turner
New Car Sales Consultant

Gary Plunkett
New Car Sales Consultant

Ryan Egan
New Car Sales

Dave Layer
New Car Sales

Jimmy Davis
New Car Sales

Josh Holston
New Car Sales

Bill Mason
New Car Sales Consultang

Shane Nicely
New Car Sales

David Giese
New Car Sales

Logan York
New Car Sales

Barry Turner
New Car Sales



Jerome Fix
Finance Director

Dave Anderson
Finance Manager

Charles Krekeler
Finance Manager

Nic Castrucci
Finance Manager


Used Cars

Mike Butler
Used Car Sales Manager

Jim Cornes
Used Car Manager

John Clark
Used Car Sales Consultant

Terry Jansen
Used Car Sales Consultant

Kirk Barbro
Used Car Sales Consultant

Tony Holden
Used Car Sales Consultant

Kyle Dawson
Used Car Sales Consultant

Tom Vincent
Used Car Sales Consultant

Jesse Mitchell
Used Car Sales Consultant


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